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Job Details

Location of Job: Tulsa, OK
When: Apr 5, 2019
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Gas Cooktop Burner Switches Repair
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Brief Explanation

What Was The Issue With This Customer's Gas Cooktop?

A local customer called us regarding an issue that he was experiencing with his gas cooktop.

Apparently, he was a huge breakfast fanatic who thoroughly enjoyed making his own eggs, hashbrowns and bacon in the morning.

But when it tried to turn his cooktop on, it just didn't want to turn on at all.

He gave us a call and we were able to come out to his location and see what the trouble was in no time flat.

Turns out his top burner switches where actually the source of the issue for this specific gas cooktop.

While our customer was clearly a big fan of using his cooktop, due to a lack of cleaning and just general maintenance, the burners ended up shorting out.

And no wonder since they were basically coated with layers upon layers of leftover crumbs and spills from all those breakfasts.

Thankfully though, we were able to go grab some replacement burners in no top and got this cooktop back up and running hot once again.

We even showed our customer a few tips and trick about how to better keep his new burners in mint condition longer than the last ones.

We're the go-to local service when it comes to reliable Gas Cooktop Repairs in Tulsa, OK.

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Client Testimonial
Everything went great. I appreciate his fast and professional service. You can't go wrong with using this appliance repair company. Fast and reliable. ~ Garret M - Conyers, GA

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1. How Long Have We Been Doing This?


We have Nearly A DECADE of Experience in appliances repairs, installations, and services.

We've repaired hundreds of cooktops over the years, and we'd love to help you out with your kitchen's range.

We're also a Fully-Licensed and Insured business that's Locally Owned & Operated straight here out of the Tulsa, Oklahoma area.

Our commitment to quality repairs is our way of giving back not only to our friends and neighbors but also to our community as a whole as well.

2. Can A Faulty Cook Top Be Dangerous?


In several ways, yes. A defective cooktop can potentially be hazardous if overlooked time and time again.

Erratic cooking temperatures can be a very concerning issue for any kitchen space, especially if you're experiencing heat levels beyond your scope of reasonable control.

Add into the mix the possibility of a gas unit having a leak and you can really have a situation on your hands that's just an accident waiting to happen.

And who could overlook the potential of having excessively charred food that can come about as a result of excessive temperatures time after time.

Such a type of sustenance is not only unappetizing but has even been linked to being Carcinogenic (cancer causing) as well!

3. But Will We Bring And Use Our Own Tools?


Yes, we do bring and use our own personal equipment and tools.

Some businesses might do repairs and installation on the side now and then and may have never been able to quite justify purchasing the proper professional tools and equipment to have readily on hand.

Can you think of hiring someone to repair your home appliance and then having them ask if YOU have any tools that they could briefly borrow?

It's almost sad to hear, but it definitely happens more often than you may think.

Lucky for you that you'll never have to worry about that situation coming up at all with us since we fully own and utilize ALL of the necessary tools and equipment to complete your repair needs quickly and sufficiently.

4. When Can We Begin Repairing Your Cooktop?


As soon as you give us a phone call, we'll be able to add you to our schedule and more likely than not be able to repair your cooktop within The Same Day You Call.

We believe reliable repairs matter, and that they shouldn't take forever and a day to schedule and complete.

And in addition to providing top-notch cooktop repair services, we're also great at performing other appliance repairs, replacements, and installations on other major home appliances and units such as:

- Dishwashers

- Freezers

- Washers

- Dryers

- Refrigerators

- Ice Makers

- And So On.

Odds are that if there's a home appliance that's giving you some trouble, We're Able To Help!