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Job Details

Location of Job: Tulsa, Oklahoma
When: Mar 22, 2018
Service Category: Commercial
Services Performed: Filter Drier Installation
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Brief Explanation

What refrigerator brand was this unit?

This particular refrigerator that we serviced was a Sub Zero. These are amazing units that stand the test of time and hold their value for many years.

This particular one was a built-in unit that we had to work around. You can see in our Before and After pictures that it's fairly large and wide compared to your regular run-of-the-mill fridge.

What Service Did This Refrigerator Need?

We recently received a call from a local engineering business. They told us that their office refrigerator was currently on the fritz and that they weren't sure what was wrong with it.

After we set up an appointment time that worked best for them, we then came out and had a look at their office's beautiful, black built-in Sub Zero refrigerator.

Upon closer inspection and examination, we discovered that the source of the units trouble was being derived from its filter drier being faulty.

Since these customers took advantage of one of our online coupons, we ended up weaving our service call fee for them since they decided upon having us repair their unit for them.

We then installed a new filter drier onto the Sub Zero built-in fridge by brazing it on.

After Photos

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Tulsa, OK
Client Testimonial
Everything went great. I appreciate his fast and professional service. You can't go wrong with using this appliance repair company. Fast and reliable. ~ Garret M - Conyers, GA

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1. What's A Refrigerator Filter Drier?


A filter drier is actually a very key component in the workings of every refrigerator. Basically, what it does is it helps to regulate the inner workings of the unit by filtering out and absorbing any foreign contaminants such as dirt, solder flux, filings and most importantly, excessive water and moisture.

By this specific part acting as a safe guard for the system, it even helps by preventing to formations of organic acids from forming within the system. Filter driers are often filled with activated alumina, molecular sieve, or silica gel, all of which are suitable desiccants for refrigerators.

Any time a technician or repairman operates on a refrigerator, the old filter drier will (or at the very least, should) be changed out for a new one.

2. Why Do Filter Driers Need To Be Changed Every Time Your Refrigerator Is Serviced?


Replacing an old filter drier with a new one insures that your refrigerator’s system isn’t compromised after it’s been opened up and serviced.

The same way you wouldn’t want to use an old bandaid twice, it’s basically the same when it comes to your refrigerator’s filter drier.

3. What's The Difference Between Brazing and Welding?


For this particular Sub Zero refrigerator, we ended up having to braze the brass replacement filter drier into place.

While it may look like we’re welding in our photos, we’re actually brazing which is a type of soldering technique. The main difference is that it takes a much lower heat temperature to braze than it does to weld.

Brazing mainly is done on brass filter driers, such as the one we installed, to ensure that the joints that are connecting the two ends for the filter to the system together are air-tight and purged of any potential leaks possibilities.

(It’s also much more secure and long-lasting than duct tape could ever be.)

4. How Soon Can We Help You?


A fair portion of our refrigerator calls are scheduled, examined and then serviced within 48 hours.

And many of these are often accomplished on the very same day we receive the call.

We do our best to serve our customer’s needs fast and effectively.

We know how annoying a defective refrigerator can be for your day to day life.

If you’re tired of reliving the same frustrating moments when it comes to dealing with your fridge, then we can help.

5. Do We Charge For Service Calls?


Short answer: Yes. We charge a no hassle, $79 flat rate for all of our service calls.

HOWEVER, this then directly transfers into an offer of ours which is called the Rollover-Repair Diagnostic Deal.

Once you decide on having us conduct the service repair on your refrigerator, we’ll then count our service call cost towards the total rate of the finalized repair cost.

That way, you don’t pay for the exact same shoe twice, metaphorically speaking.

6. Why Are We The Best At Refrigerator Service?


We’ve done refrigerator repairs and maintenance for some time now. In fact, we have Over 7+ Years of Hands-On Experience.

We've serviced hundreds of refrigerators over the years, and we'd love to help yours out in any way that we can as well.

We're your local refrigerator service experts, and we love doing what we do, which is making fridges work right again.

So Give Us A Call Today!