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Date: Nov 14, 2018
“CJ was so helpful! He took the time to text me personally after diagnosing a refrigerator that was not cooling properly. After determining that the compressor was good, then replacing the compressor starter relay, the fridge still wasn't cooling. CJ looked at the pictures I texted him of the line frosting over and suggested either a blocked coolant line or low coolant. I watched a YouTube video how to refill the coolant, and CJ walked me through replacing the coolant with HVAC equipment and where to pierce the line with a piercing valve. The fridge works perfectly now, and he followed up with making sure the process worked. He did this at no charge, and would not hesitate to hire him for any service call I can't do and recommend his services to any who need him.” ~ Kortneylyn Stites - Tulsa, OK