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Before Photos

ice maker repair commercial appliance repair beforeice maker repair commercial appliance repair gear motor old and new

After Photo

ice maker repair commercial appliance repair after

Job Details

Location of Job: Tulsa, OK
When: May 17, 2017
Service Category: Commercial
Services Performed: Ice Maker Repair
Brief Explanation

Colby fixed an ice maker today. We are often times called on to fix oddball machines all over the Tulsa area. Some of these appliances do specific things like keep sandwiches cool or freeze ice cream on a table.

When one of these machines breaks, it can cause a lot of disruption. In fact, when we do appliance repairs in Tulsa, we tend to drop everything else knowing that we will help out a customer that will turn into a lifelong client!

We recognize the importance of repairing these machines and do our best to make sure they are taken care of as soon as possible.

This business relied on their ice maker every day and when it broke it was rough on all the people who relied on the ice throughout the day. Since they were sitting ducks without ice, they called CJ Appliance Repair to come and save the day!

When Colby, the owner of CJ Appliance Repair, arrived to repair the ice maker, he first did a thorough inspection. We do this for all our customers to make sure that all the correct problems are being addressed before just diving in and repairing something and missing another piece of the puzzle.

Anyway, these Hashizaski ice machines should be cleaned out regularly, like twice a year, to keep them working well. This ice maker hadn't been cleaned in a few years.

Colby recognized that and saw immediately that the corrosion was the biggest thing to blame for faulty function of this ice maker. After checking everything else, he grabbed the part and replaced the faulty piece. In the after pictures you can really see the difference.

The Importance Of Ice Maker Repair & Maintenance in Tulsa

Besides just not working correctly, ice makers need regular servicing to keep the corrosion out of the ice they make. Plus, if they are left until they break, they can cause serious problems like short wires, leaking machines, and other trouble.

If you need to repair a Hashizaski ice maker (or any other branded ice maker) contact Colby at CJ Appliance Repair today to schedule a time for him to come and repair it.

Interested in the exact ice maker repairs that were made?

The corroded parts were two: the gearbox motor, the metal part that houses the gears for churning the capsule of ice. And the mechanical seal, to keep the water where it is supposed to be. If the seal had been inspected and replaced as it ought to have been, the gear motor would likely have been saved.

You live and learn, though. At least this business now has their ice maker working and we have an interesting story to tell!

Check out the video, too. In it you see our final test to verify that the ice maker repair was working as expected and you can see ice being pushed out of the capsule by the motor, as it ought to.

Before Photos


After Photo


Job Details

Location of Job: Tulsa, OK
When: Nov 15, 2016
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Washing Machine Repair
Brief Explanation

Sometimes a washer drum gets old and rusty. if that happens, you need to get it repaired right away. If not, it could leak and cause a flood and potentially be dangerous for falls and even electric shock.
I was able to repair the drum on this washer and make sure that it was cleaned out inside as well as working perfectly for this homeowner.

We also do all sorts of other washing machine repair, too. Call us for your appliance to be repaired today!

Recent Reviews

Amelia Elbert

Tulsa, OK

Date: Sep 17, 2019
Highly recommend!! The technician was on time, explained the problem, repaired it in no time & for a reasonable cost. VERY impressed with their service!!

"VERY Impressed With Their Service!!"

Lester Thompson

Broken Arrow, OK

Date: Aug 6, 2019
Good Service. Very satisfied with their repair.

"Good Service. Very Satisfied With Their Repair."


Tulsa, OK

Date: Jun 27, 2019
Honest. Fast. Effective.

"Honest. Fast. Effective."

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Once you give us a call, we'll be able to set up a timeslot in our schedule for you and be able to install your washer and dryer within 24-48 Hours if you already have it on hand.

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We're a Fully-Licensed and Insured Appliance business that's Locally Owned & Operated right here out of the Tulsa, Oklahoma area.

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3. We'll Bring And Use Our Own Equipment, Right?


Yes, we do bring and use our own personal equipment.

Some businesses might do repairs and installation on the side, and they've never justified purchasing proper tools and equipment to have readily on hand.

Can you think of hiring someone to install your new home appliance and then having them ask if YOU have any tools that they could briefly borrow?

It's almost sad to hear, but it can happen sometimes.

Lucky for you that you'll never have to worry about that with us though.

4. What Other Appliances Are We Experienced With?


In addition to Washers And Dryers, We Excel At Servicing All Home Appliance such as:

- Refrigerators

- Dishwashers

- Freezers

- Ranges

- Ovens

- Cooktops

- Ice Makers

- And So On.

If there's a home appliance that you need assistance with, We're Here To Help!

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CJ Appliance Repair is here to help with all your appliance installations, repairs, and services.

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