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Job Details

Location of Job: Tulsa, OK
When: Oct 29, 2018
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Frigidaire Double Oven Bake Element Repair & Replacement
call or text Call: (918) 992-4002
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Brief Explanation

Why Did These Customers Call Us?

Some local customers within the Tulsa area gave us a call in regards to their wall oven which was giving them some issues.

They mentioned that for some time it was barely getting up to it's fullest heat settings and that it had recently decided to outright stop heating up altogether on them.

One of our head technicians, named Jimmy, was able to arrive on the scene within no time and help these customers out.

What Specifically Was Wrong With This Frigidaire Oven?

Once he arrived on the scene, Jimmy immediately went to work with properly diagnosing their Frigidaire double-oven wall variation to find out what exactly was causing it to act of.

He was quickly able to verify that the issue resided with the unit's hidden bake element, which is one of the main parts of an oven's heating process.

He then briefly ran out, got a suitable baking element replacement, and then promptly returned and got our customers' unit back up and running hot once again.

We're easily THE best Frigidaire Oven Repair Service in Tulsa, OK.

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Client Testimonial
Everything went great. I appreciate his fast and professional service. You can't go wrong with using this appliance repair company. Fast and reliable. ~ Garret M - Conyers, GA

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1. Are We An Experienced Repair Company?


We have Nearly A DECADE of Experience in appliances repairs, installations, and services.

We've repaired hundreds of ovens over the years and we'd love the opportunity to help out with yours as well.

We're also a Fully-Licensed and Insured business that's Locally Owned & Operated straight here out of the greater Tulsa, Oklahoma area.

Our commitment to quality repairs is our way of giving back not only to our friends and neighbors but also to our overall community as well.

2. How Fast Can We Help Out Your Oven?


Most appliance repair appointments can be scheduled to be within 48 hours.

A majority can be accomplished within 24 hours and many even on the same day!

We work tirelessly to serve our clients quickly and reliably.
It can be a real pain and inconvenience to have a defective refrigerator when you need it.

Food starts to go bad, take out receipts starts to pile up, and you can only eat ramen noodles for so long until you've had enough.

In short, we are your best option to get life back to normal quickly and without a callback.

3. What Other Appliances Are We Able To Repair?


Here at CJ Appliance Repair, in addition to repairing Ovens, We Excel At All Other Major Home Appliances as well such as:

- Refrigerators

- Washers

- Dryers

- Dishwashers

- Freezers

- Ranges

- Cooktops

- Ice Makers

- And So On.

If there's a home appliance that you need assistance with, We're Here And Ready To Help!

4. And We Use Our Own Equipment, Correct?


Yes, we will bring and use our own personal tools and equipment in order to properly repair your oven.

Some home improvement services might only do repairs and services sporadically or on the side, so they've never been able to fully justify purchasing the proper tools and equipment to have readily on hand.

Can you think of hiring someone to repair one of your major home appliances and then having them ask if YOU have any tools that they could briefly borrow?

It's almost sad to hear, but it can happen sometimes.

Luckily for you, you'll never have to worry about us not having the needed tools for the job.

5. Why Are We The Best At Oven Repairs?


When you choose CJ Appliance Repair for any of your repair needs, you won't just become a satisfied customer, you'll become a part of our family as well.

We believe that we can change the face of the appliance repair industry one customer at a time, at that starts with the littlest fixes all the way up to the biggest repair projects.

And with over 35+ ★★★★★ Ratings from our local customers, you know that you'll be working with a top-tier service that's sure to satisfy.

We're here to help, and we'll show you why we love to do what we do.

So Go Ahead And Give Us A Call Today!